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American Idol ICONS

(The Place For American Idol ICONS)

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18 June, 2003 (Tuesday)

American Idol ICONS

[greyday is your community moderator]

A gathering place for "American Idol" fans. Come get your AI Icons HERE!

Yes, this is a lengthy intro. PLEASE do take time to read it over before joining. Thanks!

Are you a fan of "American Idol"? Like/Love watching this show avidly from week to week -- or perhaps you catch it at random tv-viewing moments?

Are you looking for icons? Have a special AI icon request?

Or perhaps you're an icon-maker and would like to share your work with other AI fans?

Those considering joining should be aware that there may be some adult content here -- icons that have text of an adult nature (or which feature slash -- same-gender -- images-and/or-text-content).

If you think you might be offended, please DON'T join.

Flaming (nasty crap) won't be put up with for one minute. (Trust me on that one.)

Don't forget to always use an lj-cut tag (see HOW below) when posting SPOILERS about any future episodes (for new seasons) of the show (that might pop up along with icon requests and/or icon sharing)!

(You certainly don't want to be thoughtless or rude enough to spoil it for people in other time zones!)


The use of the lj-cut tag is both essential and REQUIRED here for:

  1. Posting more than four icons at a time

  2. Any images accompanying icon requests

  3. Links (especially lengthy links)

  4. Polls

Basically I'm out to avoid things that are too large to display easily for our community members -- which usually has to do with how far things extend from left to right.

For a simple guide on HOW to use the lj-cut, please read THIS.

NOTE: Please don't LINK to icons that you aren't posting here inside the community. These posts will be automatically deleted.

(I personally think it goes without saying that if you're not posting the icons directly to this community there's really no point in your posting here as an icon maker, period.)

The idea here is to share and have fun. I hate including all these 'regulations,' but I prefer everyone knows up front what's acceptable. Of course your questions and suggestions are more than welcome! Come join and post these to share...

Feel free to check out my other "American Idol" community, ai_adult_fans. Newbies are always welcome!

Remember, this is an ICON community. Unless you're posting to request or share icons, this is probably not the right "American Idol" community for you.

'Advertising' here without permission from the moderator is NOT allowed. No exceptions. (You can use the link above to contact me -- please feel free to do so!)

Looking for communities here at LiveJournal? Check out the following:


[Please help spread the word about these communities. Thanks.]

(Yes, I also moderate a non-AI icon community. Do feel free to check it out! funpretty_icons)

[DISCLAIMER: This community has no desire to genuinely slander or defame anyone connected with "American Idol." All entries posted here are the opinions of the community members. All icons posted here are clearly done so with the intent of recreation and fun -- with no intent to infringe on any image copyrights. Members are happy to proclaim our interest and support of the series "American Idol."]

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